Glass Dike


Our design for a Glass Dike (based on the idea  of Paul Izeboud 2006) consits of a dike with layered glass on both sides. From within this enclosure the dike reveals the difference in heights and water levels: even  fishes can be seen in the water. From the polder the sense of protection is made clear, by its seemingly brittle material and clear sight of passing boats on the higher water level. This experience is as spectacular in wintertime; on one side overlooking the skaters, perceptible thickness of the ice and on the other side views of the snowy landscape.

After making the design in 2011, the plan has been presented to the Authorities in the area. Also inspired by the major of Midden-Delfland all partners are working together now in order to realize the first Glass Dike in the Netherlands. It will certainly be a tourist attraction, for where can one walk around in a dike in the Netherlands and really experience what it is like to stay below water level?