How we work

Every commission starts with an informal first meeting; the client gets to know the office and we get to know the clients wishes. If a meeting leads to a commission, the work is divided in comprehensible parts and priced. This provides the client transparency and rules out annoying financial surprises during the process.

How we document and elaborate
Almost all of the projects are modelled from the start in 3d with BIM-software. From this model we use data to calculate energy efficiency (Bink software) and capture design decisions influencing the whole building life cycle. These tools aid us to guide the design in the direction required by the customer. It also facilitates BIM; the cooperation between building partners in one model to optimize the design and building process and get the best end result.

Collaboration / integral design
Building can be very complex at times. Collaboration is key to keep this complexity in check. This is why we use advisors in these fields: costs / Multical bv, structure / Goudstikker de Vries, building physics / DGMR, installations / Techniplan.
A good collaboration between advisors, the architect, the principal and preferably also the contractor gets all the design conditions tabled and minds set towards the same goals, early on in the design process. In an open and equal discussion the best integral design arises, a design optimally answering the clients question.

Our clients are divers, we are proud to have worked for / or are working for:

Companies: BVB Substrates / Wonen Midden Delfland / Rabobank Westland / Welvreugd / Drukgroep Maasland / Baas &Groen / Pieter Wiercx / Van Mierlo Bouw&ontwikkeling / NEM Vlaaardingen / Sanofi-Synthelabo / BKH Adviesbureau / Woningstichting Maasdelta / Kroes bv / Atelier PRO-HBG vastgoed / Poot Kasdekreiniging

Authorities: Hoogheemraadschap Rivierenland / Rijksgebouwendienst / Gemeente Midden-Delfland / Gemeente Ouddorp Clubs/societies: Maaslands IJsvermaak / TC de Commandeur / Scouting Den Hoorn Schools: PCPO Westland

Private clients: Leo en Alice Lauwaars / Henk en Yvonne van de Kamp / René en Yvonne van den Heuvel / Rob van Gameren / Richard en Sandra Ruijsbroek / Sijmen en Ingrid de Lange / Fam. Sonneveld / Dolph Kessler / Meiny Prins / Piet en Mieke van der Valk / Piet en Lydia Houtenbos / Peter en José Swertz / Mart, Coby, Elselien, Niels, Maarten van Buuren / Fam. Thio-Bergstein / Peet en Mieke van Beurden / Jacques en Barry Senf / TeunisJan en Yvonne Voogt