Areas of expertise

As an architect we consider a lot of areas of expertise essential to the work we do.


Actively participating in the development of building components is very important to us. How else can you create a building when you don’t know the materials you’re working with? Together with manufacturers we keep on investing in the development of inventive and sustainable material applications.

Facade system. During our first project in 1982, the employment office in Oud-Beijerland, we developed a new facade system based on the Vergeerkozijn. By overdimensioning the wooden frame we created room for the steel construction, heating, plumbing, electrical equipment and in and exterior lighting.

Keuzekozijn (option window frame). The “Keuzekozijn” a product development from 1993 in collaboration with Jaap de Koning was realised into a prototype. A homeowner installing Keuzekozijn in his facade is able to change and maintain his window frames himself by simply going to a DIY store, buy his preferred component and install it by “clicking” it in the Keuzekozijn frames. Keuzekozijn is still relevant considering current prefabrication developments in the facade industry. At the same time we see a growing desire within consumers to influence the appearance of their homes.

Sponningsteen (slot brick). In 2005 we developed a sponningsteen used in the facade of the Rabobank Westland. The brick, an apparent simple building component, transformed the facade into an elegant patterned exterior.

Floriade roof. The roof of BVB Substrates pavilion on the Floriade of 2012 was created out of a transparent composite filled with various soil substrates to display the range of products from the company.

Warmbeton (warm concrete). On a regular basis we’re invited by manufacturers to participate in the development of building products. Our input in the design of a pavilion created with “warmbeton”, a monolithic building material consisting of ultra light concrete, is worth mentioning. We were challenged to investigate the moulding potential of the material and the possibility to create a frameless window in a cavity-free wall. Because of our excellent connections within Booosting (platform for building innovations) we got paired up with the initiators of “warmbeton”.



The interior and exterior are connected and often the design starts from within. For Rabobank Westland we created the exterior but also the interior till the smallest details. The wall lights have a gridding made from the word “give light” to dim the glow. Furthermore we designed the mobile consulting-rooms in the atrium.


In the Netherlands, DIY building and CPC (collective private commissioning) are hot. The consumer has more control over what he gets and in the process pays less. Already in 1991 we participated in a CPC in which four dwellings in “de schutterstraat” in Delft where commissioned by four clients and built by one contractor. Recently we did a presentation at a CPO in Schipluiden.

Also if you ever want to manage your own construction process or even want to built yourself, you might occasionally need some professional advice.

Area development / visual quality plan

What starts as a dream about a new residence, can become a prolonged and complex process at the authorities. Rules, procedures and spatial planning are often complicated and require an excellent collaboration between the different stakeholders. Our role is to consult with various authorities (municipality, province, polder board) and guide the zoning plan with for example an image quality plan. The visual quality plan captures the level of architectural ambition and serves as an assessment tool for the design review committee when a building permit has to be verified by the municipality.


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