P O L D E R   A R C H I T E C T U R E

Tranquillity, green fields, spacious views towards the horizon, free reign of the elements, it all instils the energy to search for creative solutions.

"even de polder in"

Creativity flourishes in brief moments of total silence, the best solutions to a question emerge when our mind is at peace. This peace can be found in the countryside when we look at the long straight lines in the Dutch polder with its magnificent heavy skies and it’s small villages scattered like dots in a patchwork. In this environment we feel at home and here we want to employ our creativity.




Daylight inside Rabobank / rainwater through

We care for our home, the people and the environment, that’s why we commit to creating sustainable solutions. This drove us to design the first CO2 neutral main office building in the Netherlands for a regional bank, “Rabobank Westland”, a co-operative bank with its origins in the food and agro-business and a firm commitment to sustainability. Besides being built CO2 neutral the building provides office spaces with an abundance of natural daylight, positively influencing wellbeing and productivity of employees. In the most simple solutions we strive for sustainability. In the house for a veterinary for instance, rainwater from the roof is collected in a trough for horses.


Fixed / Mobile


OPENhouse… … …home… … …and away.

The magnitude of design solutions ranging from a single piece of furniture to urban development have led to a distinction in fixed and mobile work, sometimes coinciding in one commission. In all our work one question is constantly present :”How much architecture do you need?” Flexibility in architecture is key in a time in which space is an expensive commodity and sustainability is an urgency. Our mobile projects are influenced by modern technology accommodating this flexibility in our daily lives, they are equally influenced by nomadic culture. Mobile projects are a playground to investigate and invent new strategies, influencing our fixed work.

Fixed work:  Housing / Offices / Companies / Facilities / Installations

Mobile workMobiles

Whether it’s a simple technical question or a complex spatial problem, we like to see the work of an architect as that of an inventor: the shaping of ideas, tailored to its function and developed in the smallest details.


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