The Architect

Why hire an architect?

Everybody can draw a house, right? That’s true, but not everyone can envision a house comprising all your dwelling desires in an integral design. A client said it the other day: “A good architect creates a design you want, but never could imagine.”

The architect develops the plan together with the customer, he best manages the goals and ambitions. As adviser and counsellor, he should act as director of the design and building process, guarding hard goals (like budget and technique) and soft goals and ambitions (like appearance and representation).

The Office

Böhtlingk Architecture (founded in 1982) has more than 30 years of experience in designing, elaborating and managing building projects. We also ensure the client gets the needed permits and hold a tender to assist in choosing the right contractor. All the necessary documents for the building permits are done in-house.

Individual service

As allround architectural firm we can be of service when you need individual advice. A small talk with an architect, about possibilities and opportunities. Individual technical advice ranging from an analysis of a moisture problem to an aquisition inspection and advice on a building permit. We can also advice on sustainability, energy efficiency, ventilation and daylighting.

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